A career at THINK TANK™ CONSULTING introduces you to many opportunities that allow you to follow your passion. Don’t be surprised if you discover many new areas of interest to pursue.

At THINK TANK™ CONSULTING, you will have the opportunity to work with the business leaders of various industries and see the strategic recommendations shaping the landscapes of industries. The success of our clients gives you personal satisfaction, pride and translates into your personal value addition.

Our professionals make it priority to particularly mentor and guide their colleagues. You’ll receive the necessary support to tailor your career through ongoing training, mentoring and feedback. Your growth at THINK TANK™ CONSULTING is driven by your performance, not by your tenure. We believe in recognizing and rewarding outstanding performers.

We are constantly looking for motivated candidates to enhance our further expansion and improve our clients’ performance.  You may join our Consulting Teams engaged in out-of-office executions or Project/back office Teams responsible for research, project preparation and monitoring.

Selection Criteria:

  • Candidates are recruited throughout the year having PhD, Masters Degrees or and internationally recognized professional qualifications plus at least 3 years of work experience.
  • We are constantly looking for senior candidates having at least 10 years of experience. We also offer opportunities and encourage applications from retired or semi-retired Senior Management and Staff.
  • We expect new consultants and experts to serve as full team members from the beginning. We search for self-motivated people who dedicate themselves to the success of our clients and will be able to persuade them that our recommendations merit not just consideration but action.
  • We are looking for ambitious professionals who possess the following qualities:
    ▪Working knowledge in at least one specific industry
    ▪Outstanding analytical and conceptual skills
    ▪Business experience and interpersonal skills
    ▪Creativity: ability to produce imaginative solutions
    ▪High energy level, sharp and mentally quick
    ▪Excellent command of English and possibly another language is an advantage.
    ▪Excellent writing skills in English
    ▪Proficiency in Windows and other generally used software.
    ▪Interested in working and living for some time out of town/abroad.

Career Development

  • The typical entry position for Master’ Degree holders or an equivalent is as a Junior Project Officer based in Head Office, Lahore. After 1-2 years of back office work coupled with previous experience, the Project Officer may choose to join one of the teams in the field or pursue his or her career in project management & monitoring from our Head Office, Lahore – Pakistan.In the beginning of their careers, we do not specialize consultants by industry or function. We believe that the best training comes from professional interaction within the execution teams, which consultants join as full-time members immediately upon hiring.
  • Increasing project and client responsibility comes with seniority and performance. Given our rate of expansion, personal growth can of course be very high but primarily depends on the consultant’s motivation.
  • We do not have a “free-market” system within the firm but rather assign consultants to permanent teams. This is done in order to maximize the professional experience of all our consultants.



  • Consultant
  • Senior Consultant / Senior Expert
  • Team Leader
  • Director
  • Partner

Project Management / Back Office 

  • Junior Project Officer
  • Project Officer
  • Senior Project Officer
  • Director
  • Partner