Nicola Monti

Nicola Monti is a marketing and global supply chain management expert in the international apparel & textile industry. He is highly experienced in marketing intelligence, retail & franchising globalization, delocalization, business process re-engineering, and business monitoring. He possesses over 15-year work experience and has worked in more than 10 countries ranging from Brazil to Pakistan where he has developed strong relationships with textiles and apparel leading companies.

Mr. Monti’s strong communicative and interpersonal skills, exceptional networking and deep knowledge and understanding of the textile and apparel industry at international level and of its unique dynamics, make him an extremely valuable team leader and advisor for Internationalization.

He has been associated with the leading international textile consultancies like Werner International Inc, Datatex, Wear & Toss, Would France Limited and Wishbuuk and is a founding partner of Nectaris Agency, Italy. Mr. Monti holds a Masters’ degree in Apparel and Textile and a graduates degree in Textile Engineering.