Welcome to Think Tank Consulting

Think Tank™ Consulting is a globally operating multidimensional Consulting Group. Its services fall into two broad categories.

At the policy level, it supports government, public sector organizations, autonomous bodies, international development agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and academic institutions in research, analysis, review, inquiry, advocacy, idea generation, model building, re positioning, recommendations & actions on public/social policy, economic policy, national productivity, youth, transparency & governance, security, domestic & foreign affairs, education, health, discipline, food security, environment and science & technology.

At corporate level, it supports in strategy formulation & implementation, research, investment advisory, corporate finance, corporate governance, organization design & development, restructuring/reorganization, performance management, training, valuations, logistics & supply chain management, risk management, forensic investigation and brand development & management. Its presence in different disciplines enables Think Tank™ Consulting to synergize its output.

Think Tank™ Consulting is also contributing towards the betterment of society through various interventions, particularly focusing education& social training because it believes that education & social training are the only way through which sustainable development can be achieved