About Think Tank Consulting

Think Tank™ Consulting is a globally operating multidimensional Consulting Group. Its services fall into two broad categories.

At the policy level, it supports government, public sector organizations, autonomous bodies, international development agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and academic institutions in research, analysis, review, enquiry, advocacy, idea generation, model building, repositioning, recommendations & actions on public/social policy, economic policy, national productivity, youth, transparency & governance, security, domestic & foreign affairs, education, health, discipline, food security, environment and science & technology.

At the corporate level, It supports in strategy formulation & implementation, research, investment advisory, corporate finance, corporate governance, organization design & development, restructuring/reorganization, performance management, training, valuations, logistics & supply chain management, risk management, forensic investigation, and brand development & management. Its presence in different disciplines enables Think Tank™ Consulting to synergize its output.

Think Tank™ Consulting believes in delivering results and not reports. Issues are analyzed in their depths and breadths to develop proactive solutions that produce measurable results and substantial impact on the bottom line in a sustainable manner. We look at the businesses from their owners’ perspective and our clients say that we take as much interest in their business as they do. Our professionals take personal pride in our clients’ successes. We provide professional advice as we conclude it – even if the client may not like it hear it.

Think Tank™ Consulting is flushed with high caliber domestically and internationally recognized professionals with decades of experience and proven track record of success. Competition is especially fierce in the case of our major services. We always stand a good chance, because we have dynamic and experienced teams capable of handling complex assignments. We listen to our clients very closely – and develop the solutions they need. The edge of quality human capital enables Think Tank™ Consulting to benchmark leadership in the areas of its operations.